Unofficial Final TEAM USA STANDINGS - posted March 28, 2000.
Top Bowler qualifies for State Finals to be held in Anchorage,
September 16th & 17th, 2000, at Dimond Bowl.
Place Bowlers Name Score Assoc.
1 Ken Leides 1908 S-KBA
2 Jimmy Hansen 1752 ABA
3 Jim Topolski 1675 ABA
4 James Colin 1618 ABA
5 John W. Lewis, Sr. 1495ABA
6 David Lenahan 1398 ABA
7 Mark Gunderson 1280 ABA
8 Gerald Otto 1193 ABA

Any corrections, questions or comments regarding these standings should be directed to the Tournament Director, Paul Gavell, at 907-745-2633 or via e-mail at Tournament Director.
This standings list will become final after April 29, 2000 and the top qualifier will be notified by TEAM USA regarding exact dates, times and format for the State Finals.

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